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Create your personal “Stop Doing” list.

Not only do you want to add good daily rituals to your life, I also think taking some negative habits or rituals out of your life is just as important. Doing so will open your time up to more important rituals and help you live a more relaxed life.

What habits do you currently have that are not going to push you towards your health goals?

Here are some common examples to help you get started:

I will stop hitting snooze and sleeping in.

I will stop checking my phone in the morning – email, social media, news, etc.

I will stop doing workouts that are boring and that do not push me to get better.

I will stop with impulse buys at the grocery store – snacks, sugar, wheat, dairy, etc.

I will stop listening to the radio on my car rides and instead put time and energy into sharpening my mindset.

I will stop wasting valuable time watching the news.

I will stop associating with negative people.

I will stop settling for the status quo.

Now, create your personal “Stop Doing” list. Feel free to use the examples above or create your own. Like your daily rituals, you will continually add to or tweak this list over time. Remember, the more things that don’t move you forward toward your goals that you can stop doing, the more mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy actions, habits, and rituals you can add to your life to help you reach your goals.

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