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Stressed Out America! Stress Attacks the Weakest Part of the Body: (Part 1of 2)


We all live under this umbrella of life called “Stress”. No matter your age or the stage of life you’re currently at, stress will always affect you. The reality of stress is that it attacks the weakest part of the body. When we have a ton of stress in our lives (kids, work, money, relationships, lack of sleep, etc.), what happens is that stress builds up and leads to a number of different health conditions. Every health condition known to man is in some way caused by stress. And that’s because stress attacks the weakest part of the body.

The urgent problem we face is that very few Americans have a clue of what the weakest parts of their bodies are. These weaknesses and vulnerabilities, compounded by the daily stresses of life, make our bodies progressively weaken and degenerate, leading to poor health conditions. In my professional opinion, everyone must be checked to know and fully understand where they have weaknesses and vulnerabilities in their bodies, so they can give these areas the attention needed to remove the interferences and allow their bodies to function to the best of their abilities.

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