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Stressed Out America! Stress Attacks the Weakest Part of the Body: (Part 2 of 2)

Your Spine Protects Your Life Line

Take a second to think about how amazing your body is. At this very minute, your brain is sending life energy through your spinal cord to all parts of your body. As you're reading this, your eyes are blinking, your lungs are allowing you to breath, your heart is pumping blood throughout your entire body, your stomach is digesting whatever you ate earlier, among a gazillion other things that your body is doing without you even thinking about it. Could you imagine if you had to think about all these processes while you're trying to read? Having to tell yourself to swallow, breath, blink, scratch, heartbeat, breath again, eyes keep moving so you can continue to read. Obviously, that would be impossible! With all the processes and responsibilities that your body has to take care of, this is the importance of understanding the Law of Life and ensuring that your body is functioning to the best of its ability.

To understand the importance of your spine, you must recognize that your spine has two functions. First, the spine supports and holds us up right. This is called your posture. You can tell a lot about somebody’s health based on his or her posture. The second function of your spine is to protect your spinal cord. Similar to how your skull protects your brain, your spine protects your spinal cord. A healthy spinal cord is essential when it comes to your overall health.

Let me tell you why the spinal cord is so important. Because the brain controls every single function of the body and the brain does this by sending life energy through the spinal cord, it’s essential that the twenty-four bones that make up your spine are properly aligned to protect your spinal cord. Your spine is like a river; it takes the energy from the brain, through the spine, out the nerves to every single cell in your body. All of your vital organs, major muscles, and glands are totally dependent on that energy to keep you alive and healthy.

Due to certain stresses in life, some are sudden and some over time, the individual bones that protect your spinal cord shift out of place. These shifts are called “vertebral subluxations.” Subluxations block the energy from being able to pass through the spine and out the nerves. This interference causes your body to break down because your body is unable to function optimally.

Over time, this condition progressively worsens, and your body ends up in a state of dis-ease, which our medical system likes to call disease so that they can label us, diagnose us, and give us the new and improved drug to take. We are all very well informed that there is a drug for every symptom. Although there are a times and places for medications, drugs are not a good long-term strategy. And yet, the majority of Americans are prescribed medications with zero intention of ever getting off the drug.

In addition, subluxations will also weaken and distort your posture. Your posture is the window to your spine and nervous system. As already mentioned, you can tell a lot about someone’s state of health based on his or her posture. Often time, people with poor posture will have a noticeable head tilt, uneven shoulders, appear rotated, or sit and walk around hunched over because they have a weak and distorted spine. These people are often in a lot of pain or experience symptoms and conditions from organ failure that our medical system can’t explain. It’s important to note that this situation very often occurs in kids who are young, vibrant, outgoing, and who look good and feel good. Because stress attacks the weakest part of the body, these are usually the kids who grow up to have major health conditions and diseases.

It is impossible for anybody to function to the best of his ability if he has a weakened posture caused by a subluxation in his spine because the subluxation causes constant stress on his spinal cord. Our flawed medical system pays little to no attention to the flow of life energy from the brain to the rest of the body, but instead chases symptoms and prescribes drugs for every problem in hopes to make you temporarily feel better rather than addressing the actual cause of the problem.

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