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Posture and How it Relates To Your Health:

Your posture is the window to your spine and nervous system. As already mentioned, you can tell a lot about someone’s state of health based on his or her posture. Often time, people with poor posture will have a noticeable head tilt, uneven shoulders, appear rotated, or sit and walk around hunched over because they have a weak and distorted spine. These people are often in a lot of pain or experience symptoms and conditions from organ failure that our medical system can’t explain. It’s important to note that this situation very often occurs in kids who are young, vibrant, outgoing, and who look good and feel good. Because stress attacks the weakest part of the body, these are usually the kids who grow up to have major health conditions and diseases.

It is impossible for anybody to function to the best of his ability if he has a weakened posture caused by a subluxation in his spine because the subluxation causes constant stress on his spinal cord. Our flawed medical system pays little to no attention to the flow of life energy from the brain to the rest of the body, but instead chases symptoms and prescribes drugs for every problem in hopes to make you temporarily feel better rather than addressing the actual cause of the problem.

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