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PROVEN PROCESS:  What we do at Inspired To Be Healthy is very unique and different, even compared to other Wellness Experts. It’s what we do that’s different that allows for the professionals and organizations that we work with to get results where other systems fail.

The congruency of our expert team provides the “KNOWLEDGE”, The Growth Cycle provides a very specific six-step-system that serves as the “TOOLS”, and the mastermind vision of 30-Year Goals brings in the element of accountability and the need for “RITUALS”. It’s the combination of the Knowledge, Tools, and Rituals that allow for professionals and organizations to grow into the people they need to become in order to fulfill their Vision and ultimately their Life-Purpose to the best of their ability.


1) The power of your life is determined by the power of the questions you’re willing to ask yourself.

2) Your health is your choice.

3) Your health is your responsibility.

4) Stress attacks the weakest part of the body

5) Procrastination is the thief of health.


Reader and Patient Quotes:

"My health plus the health of my family has been forever changed because of this book"



"30 Year Health Goals -  BRILLIANT!  This is a must read for everyone."



"Beyond Symptoms saved my life, not to mention my marriage. I am forever grateful to Dr. Cotey and this book."

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